Blur the Line

On "tech" and "non-tech" discussion, and how it's a toxic lie.
"I accidentally became a programmer" I often use above sentence to describe how I end up in my day job - a web application programmer. It sounds like a joke, but it's mostly true. I never tried to be a programmer. [...]

Start of a New Adventure

It's been two years since the weekend tried to use JavaScript to knit. The combination was natural, I wanted to program my knitting machine and I was a JavaScript developer. This little silly side project turned out to be a much bigger thing than I ever expected. [...]

The Promise of a Burger Party

Can you explain the sentence "It returns a promise" to someone? well I couldn't.

Even though I've written plenty of promise code, the question made me realize how little I understand about it. So here is an illustrated guide to JavaScript Promise. [...]

How to say "I'm sorry" - steps to resolve conflicts

This post is about how I approach resolving conflicts. If you like it, maybe use it. If you don't, then don't :)

Think about when you have opposing opinion or uncomfortable feeling with what someone said or did. You might first think "Wait, seriously ?" then the feeing soon turn into "OMG I can't believe they said or did that"[...]

But why can't I code like that?

Oldies JavaScript I grew up with...which I didn't know WHY it's not hip anymore.
Why should ".onEVENT" be written in "addEventListener('EVENT')" ? and Why should I pass function, not code string, to "setInterval" and "setTimeout" ? [...]

Service Worker, what are you ?

me : "Service Worker, what are you?"
Service Worker: "I'm a programmable network proxy."
me : "... what?"

Join me in my illustrated guide to Service Worker, the alien you can summon in your browser. [...]

Turn Your Gist To HTML

TL;DR; I needed a blog & solved it in wee bit tedious but simple way. Lately, I've been doing a lot of side projects & talks. While I tweet most of my progress and research, when I finish a project, people ask if I documented the process somewhere. [...]

You can use your front-end chops to build desktop app!

Last weekend, I spent one night to build an desktop application with Node.js using node-webkit module. I did not anticipated to be done in one night, it was originally planned to be a weekend(s) project — but I got done in quarter of time [...]

An Introvert's Guide to Networking

I recently graduated from Startup Institute New York — where I was encouraged to get out and attend events and coffee chats for “networking”. As an INTP (MBTI personality) person. This “get out and talk to people” assignment was intimidating at first, and I needed to develop my strategy to keep my sanity…here are few things I did. [...]