Start of a New Adventure

It's been two years since the weekend I tried to use JavaScript to knit. The combination was natural, I wanted to program my knitting machine and I was a JavaScript developer.

This little silly side project turned out to be a much bigger thing than I ever expected. The project scope expanded from just a file transfer program to domain specific language to digital pattern visualizer to production tool for T-shirts design. I got to present in front of many people about the project, it got me more visibility in the community, and landed me a 1st product developer job.

It has been an amazing ride for past 2 years, but I'm ready for new adventure.

It is true that the knitting project initiated lots of opportunities for me (including the new job I just started), but it is also true that I spent last a year and a half trying to grow out of "the knitting person". In fact, I spent more time on other projects and didn't do enough knitting. What I learned doing lots of project is that...

  1. I like graphics programming, anything that let me draw an image on a screen, I'm happy.
  2. I like digging into history and learning about how the past (and now obsolete) technology influenced what we do now.
  3. I give zero fuck about sounding smart or being an expert. I care more about explaining things in the digestible format for everybody.

Since I got your attention thus far, let me tell you some of my favorite projects & research I've done.

I'm currently working on a project with @noopkat to learn more about binary data communication technology (hint: FAX machine) you can catch us present our learnings at JSConf EU in May!

It has been fun 2 years & can not thank enough for my friends who accepted my strange ideas and supported me along the way ✨. I don't really think switching job is a new adventure, rather I hope to make the community I belong more inclusive, so that more people can do awesome and fun projects. 💯🙌💕