API Stub

API Stub is a node.js based, no database, temporary API server for your prototype. Created as helper tool to generate JSON data as REST API.

  • published as npm package


Color Mixer

Little Javascipt helpers to create color chips. Manipulate colors like you would in Sass, or see pre-set color chips in your browser console. This is made for quick prototyping to decide on color schemes.

  • published as npm package


WebRTC with Socket.IO

WebRTC proof of concept application for 2 way video stream. Part of research to create screen cast application.

  • Node.js
  • WebRTC
  • Socket.IO


R core functions for Underscore.js

My attempt to re-create R core functions in Javascript. Made as mixin for Underscore.js

  • underscore.js


Tag Bookmark : Chrome Extension

This extension came out of my own needs. I wanted to organize my bookmark like Gmail. By tags, not folders.

  • Chrome Extension API